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Zebra Print Wallpaper

Have you ever wanted to bring a part of the wild into your room? Well, why not put in some zebra print wallpaper to complete the effect and make your room into your own little safari?


Zebra wallpaper is in style, since walls are the first thing people notice in a room and it can make a big statement about the person who owns the room and their personality. So make sure to choose your zebra print wallpaper carefully.


Wallpaper is one of the best ways to add texture, pattern, and color in your wall easily and without too much fuss.  

Even if it is a little more expensive than paint, there are more choices of patterns and colors and you can eventually change the wallpaper without too many problems. Zebra print wallpaper can make a boring room eye-catching and interesting.

Make sure that you buy the correct kind of zebra wallpaper for the room you plan to put it in. If you are going to put up wallpaper in your kitchen or in your bathroom, make sure that you can easily wash stains off the paper and that it is water-resistant.


Vinyl and vinyl coated wallpaper are the best kinds of wallpapers for these rooms. For rooms that are less likely to get dirty or wet, you can use fabric wallpapers which are softer, but harder to clean.  



 zebra print wallpaper

 zebra wallpaper

 zebra print wallpaper

Zebra wallpaper can be used to completely cover a whole wall or to create borders to add subtle presence into the room. Usually, black and white are the colors used for zebra prints but you can choose to be more outgoing and choose funky colors like hot pink and black, blue and black, silver and yellow, gold and bronze, anything you can think of.


 zebra wallpaper border

  zebra wallpaper

Make sure to take into account the dominating colors in the room you plan to put the wallpapers in, as you don’t want your wallpaper to clash with the other existing colors in the room. Also, you want the zebra print wallpaper to match the ceiling unless you’re planning to paint it. 



 brown zebra print wallpaper

  black zebra print wallpaper

The size and pattern of the zebra wallpaper matter as well. The stripes can be wide and far between or narrow and near each other. In reality, zebra’s hides are all different, but this is wallpaper, so the pattern is bound to repeat it self.


 zebra wallpapers

zebra print wallpapers  

Depending on what you prefer, thinner or wider stripes may be better. Large stripes make a room seem small and cozy, whereas smaller ones make it seem larger, and a zebra print can change the look of a room very much.  


You can buy zebra wallpapers and wallpaper borders, as well as leopard wallpaper, at online stores, since they have many different patterns and colors to choose from and come in a range of prices and qualities.


But you have to be completely sure about your choice of zebra print wallpaper, since you can’t see it ahead or exchange it.


You can also buy them at local stores, where they have less choice but you can always ask for help there.


And lastly, you can get them at wallpaper stores that sell only wallpaper. They have good choices and expert services but they may come at a higher price.

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